Three sentence movie reviews–All the Real Girls

Every once in awhile I fall in love with a movie as I did with this one. This movie portrays the most real reflection of an early-twenties relationship I have ever seen. As a bonus, it also contains delightful vignettes which have little to do with advancing the story, but are wonderful.

Darn it, I need one more sentence. It’s just a single word: Magic!

Also, don’t you think the phrase “every once in awhile” should have morphed into one German-esque looking word: everyonceinawhile.

I also feel the same about the phrase “this morning”. Let’s remove that space. We say it as one word anyway. “thismorning”

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews–All the Real Girls”

  1. This one is now in my queue because of you. It sounds very interesting. And I am not sure about the one word conglomerations… -S

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