Letters written June 21-30.

Not much to report here. I didn’t write people because I was prepping for the trip (and trying to catch up blog posts) and when I left on the trip my letter per day was to myself. I bought special stationary with the plan to glue each letter in my scrapbook. This turned out to be an awesome idea.

21 June. Sara
22 June. No one.
23 June. No one.
24 June. No one.
25 June. No one.
26 June. Me.
27 June. Me.
28 June. Me.
29 June. Me.
30 June. Me.

One thought on “Letters written June 21-30.”

  1. I love that you wrote to yourself. As usual I am a naggy blog reader…and ask if you will post that scrapbook – just a picture of it at least. -S

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