17 ways to live happily…Library!

Love your library.

It really amazes me that people buy books. There is a lovely institution in nearly every town where they will just let you take home your books (and DVDs and CDs and magazine and sometimes tools) for free. I read a lot, and take a lot of books out of the library, and what I most love is that I don’t have to read any book I check out because I didn’t buy any of them. I can grab something that looks promising and give it back if my interest wanes after 50 pages. When I do buy books, they have a different vibe. I must read the entire thing because my hard-earned money was used to obtain it.

I also find I am often paralyzed in the video rental store. Should I spend $4.00 on this movie or that. The library has rescued me from this dilemma. I just reserve the movies I want to see and when they arrive, the library lets me know. Voila! Instant free entertainment. Check out all the things your library will give you for free.

(Boise Readers will note the shout-out to the Boise Public Library! where I spent many happy hours.)

2 thoughts on “17 ways to live happily…Library!”

  1. Oh yes we will! When I saw Library! before I even scrolled down (using my netbook and the monitor is teeny tiny) I was ready to make my comments! I love the Library! and I miss saying it in an exclamatory manner. I just missing the BPL this week when I went to our (wonderful library) – because I knew where all of my curricular items lived and I rarely had to look things up…I could just go to where I knew. And it smells great there. Our Arlington library just doesn’t have the same intoxicating odor of books! But I love our library…so close. And I am learning where my books live. Arlington County uses a branch system – so I miss having all the books in one large building. But I think branches are good…so I don’t really mind all that much (that might be a contradiction…but I am in bed…closing out the evening…so I don’t really mind!.

    On a side note, I am too much of a bibliophile not to buy books. But I often test run them from the Library first. I am trying to get my mom a great pulp fiction reader) to do the same!) -S

  2. The smell! I forgot about the smell! No other library has smelled like that! What is it? Could it be they are close to the river? I used to love breathing in that smell.

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