Slacking, and a recommitment.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a letter. Maybe since last Thursday, maybe longer. I’ve been busy, sure: work, general life maintenance, school, studying for the big math test, the *cough* blog–however little I work on it. But I’ve not been any busier than I was in April, say, and I managed to keep up with my letters well enough then.

I miss the daily writing of something. Through my teens and twenties I was a steady journal writer. My life has shifted away from needing to pour words out on pages–my current journal is one of those five year jobbers that you get four lines per day. It suits me well at the stage I’m in. But I think I enjoy writing enough that my year of letter writing has brought me great pleasure. It’s different than a journal in that I’m connecting with someone who will read what I’m writing. And it’s less formal than the blog in that I don’t have to worry too much about grammar and spelling and also I know who will be most likely reading what I write.

(Not knowing who is reading what I write is one of the weirdest things about blogging for me. Recently, I had 99 visitors in a week. Who are those people? They read a little bit, based on the average amount of time visited. But because they don’t comment, I have no way of knowing who my audience is.)

So I am recommitting to my New Year’s resolution today, October 19, 2008. I will write something (if only a postcard) every single day for the rest of the year.

Are you wishing to get a letter from me? Add a comment saying so.

ps. Next year’s resolution will not involve work on a daily basis.

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