Kate Winslet’s crow’s feet…


Last night while watching the Oscars, more than one comment was made about the lines around Kate Winslet’s eyes. Age was brought up, children were brought up, but I think it boils down to one reason I love Kate Winslet. She seems entirely unconsumed with the “Hollywood” part of acting, yet remains a Hollywood star. She doesn’t seem to let people push her around about her weight, she followed up the biggest blockbuster of the late 20th century with a strange independent film set in Morocco, and she comes to awards ceremonies with her aging skin on view. Granted, her aging skin is in its early 30s, but still. The above things alone would propel me to see nearly every movie that she makes; the fact that she is an incredible actress is just the cherry on top.

I want to see my actors age! I want their skin to soften and go slack and the wrinkles creep across their face. When I look at their 40 year old selves, I want to see something different than their 20 year old selves. I don’t want to see an immovable, porcelain forehead, I don’t want to see a 50 year old without wrinkles and I really don’t want to see a bunch of women looking like Sophia Lauren, whose strange appearance on screen caused more than a few “aaaaahhhhs” in the room.

All the rest of you regular people out there, same goes for you. Let us age as we age. There is no fighting age. Let us enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Kate Winslet’s crow’s feet…”

  1. I completely agree. It absolutely chills me to the core that women in their 20s are getting Botox and lip injections, etc. I’m afraid that when I’m in my 70s, everyone will look like Joan Rivers. Yikes! Aging isn’t for sissies; let’s do it gracefully.

  2. But I want BOTOX!!!! Come on…just a little youthfulness added to my forehead would be so nice. Sorry to be honest and completely overlook your point. I do get it and I love Kate Winslet for all of the many reasons you listed!!! -S

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