A made-up holiday for February.

I strongly believe that this country needs much more vacation time. Much. However, the powers that be in this country think that having no national standard for vacation time is entirely acceptable. “People can negotiate for the amount of vacation time that is right for them.” some clueless executive said once on a radio program I was listening to once, completely ignoring the fact that a lot of Americans don’t get to negotiate their vacation time at all, and that for most people the amount of vacation time that is right for them is not an amount that is acceptable to the company.

But I digress. Because of our severe lack of national holidays, I think you can make up your own. Here is one for the end of February. Watch the Oscars. During the Oscars they usually show a lot of clips from many decades of film. I usually find myself thinking something along the lines of, “You know, I’ve never seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Make notes of all those movies you have never seen. After the show is over go to the video store (oh, alas East Coast people, the video store has closed. You’ll have to make do) and pick up a bunch of those movies. The next day, call in sick to work and watch them. You won’t be sorry.

I think we should call it Oscar Day.

3 thoughts on “A made-up holiday for February.”

  1. This is a very excellent idea.

    I have always believed that in Portland’s climate we should be given several personal Sunshine Holidays to be used at the employee’s own discretion between November and March.

  2. I only get “paid time off,” which doesn’t distinguish between sick and vacation days. So if I were to get sick like I did last year in Portland, and end up having to take a week off of work, I would be completely out of vacation time. I think that kind of stuff is total BS.

  3. I agree with you. And Oscar day sounds perfect. It always amazes me when teachers work during the summer. I know it is usually a monetary decision…and when I was a new teacher needed to work…but NO MORE…I am quite happy to enjoy my well-earned summer off (and I do like to go to school here and there to catch up…but it’s on my time in my own togs and sans students!). -S

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