Three sentence movie reviews–North Country

This movie is a very well made movie, but hard to watch, and I’m sure that not nearly the number of men saw it that should have. Full of super fabulous actors bringing their A-game, it is a good reminder, yet again, of how recently women’s right to work has had to be affirmed by the courts. And this, ladies and gentleman, is why all of us had to sit through multitudes of sexual harassment trainings in the 90s.

Becdel rating: Has two women characters: Yes. Who talk to each other: Yes. About something besides a man: Yes. Although the men are the problem in this movie. So sort of no.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews–North Country”

  1. This was a good movie, but bothered me. It was one of those movies everyone should watch – kind of like eating brussel sprouts (sp?). They are good for you but don’t taste good going down.

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