Bus tip. Throw away your garbage…

In the proper receptacle. Like the handy trash can sitting not 10 feet from this bench.

Look. It’s like this: at your home, you can throw your waxy q-tips wherever you choose. But here, at the platform where many, many people wait for trains, please take the time to deposit your detritus in the trash can provided.

I could write a separate post about not cleaning your ears in public, but I think you might be too far gone to understand why personal grooming is best done in private.

4 thoughts on “Bus tip. Throw away your garbage…”

  1. The punny title was not lost on me. . . bravo! Also, clipping fingernails–totally gross AND an annoying sound.

  2. Ever since the epic scavenger hunt you had from the apt. you lived in downtown – which included finding a Q-tip (and my team did find a nasty, dirt-crusted one in the street) – I see Q-tips lying around everywhere.

    I've always wondered why. Who takes Q-tips out of the house with them on a regular basis?

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