Flower sale. My last one.

I’m ending my tenure as a Youth Advisor at my church after seven years and this Easter was my last flower sale. I will miss some things about YRUU, but I can’t count the flower sale among them. It is usually wet and cold and in the past few years the youth don’t show up to help. All of those things were true today and I froze, while silently cursing all of the above. We didn’t even make that much money. Another thing done!

2 thoughts on “Flower sale. My last one.”

  1. Sometimes last times can be the most wonderful thing ever! But you know that I LOVE to mark them in my life, so well done for that! -S

    PS-You have been busy!

  2. I won't miss the flower sale either. Although I did always end up buying a nice bouquet of leftovers to grace my home.

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