30 June. Five pictures from my Washington DC trip.

I’m a pretty active person. I live in a city and am car free, so I run, I walk, I bike to work. Every time I have to go to the store, I’m usually on foot. I like to walk. But touring around Washington DC, man that was a lot of walking. I knew it, of course, and brought sensible (yet cute) shoes. But I wasn’t prepared for the blisters. My little toe, at the start of day four was all blister. I couldn’t help but think of the many Americans whose major daily exercise is walking 100 feet from their car to their office each day. When they come to Washington DC, how do they fare?
I took the Metro to the Union Station stop and walked to the Supreme Court. The trains were crowded, and I was enjoying my book, so I made the decision not to fight my way onto the train I was supposed to be on. This meant that I missed the Supreme Court Tour, which was disappointing, but I did wander though the self-guided tour. I then visited the Folger Shakespeare Library and had a great egg salad sandwich at Pete’s Diner. Outside the Supreme Court were a group of people protesting the death penalty. As I waited for the bus, I listened to this protester discuss the death penalty with a passerby. It was an interesting conversation. She had some questions about the death penalty, and also some questions about the protesters. I learned that many of them are on a hunger strike, though not this gentleman.
I took the 96 bus across town to get to the National Cathedral. I love taking buses in cities. You get to see so many things you wouldn’t see in a car or subway. The bus was pretty empty, as evidenced by this picture, but the passenger you can see was also a bus driver, so I gathered from his conversation with the bus driver. He discussed all sorts of things, including his glee in motorists who pass him illegally and then get pulled over by the police.
Jenna and I had reservations for the Tea and Tour of the National Cathedral, and I was early, so I sat in the Bishop’s Garden and finished my book, while ignoring the leaf blower sounds. Our tour, lead by tour guide Myrna, was fabulous and Myrna was a kick. I have many lovely pictures of the cathedral because there are so many lovely things in the cathedral.
This part of the cathedral inspired the most glee. Every aspect of the building was sponsored by someone. And they all had their names carved elegantly in stone to recognize them.
After tea, Jenna and I walked on Wisconsin Avenue through Georgetown where we had a bit of dinner. Back at her home we rested for a bit, before heading out to see the Monuments at Night.

3 thoughts on “30 June. Five pictures from my Washington DC trip.”

  1. We are very sedentary at home, walking around at the stores or on vacation is about all the stress our toes get. Our fared pretty well following Sara around at a brisk pace in DC. I just had some well broken in sandals. The feet were hot and tired…but intact. I am loving your posts. Thanks KMS (Sara's Mom)

  2. This looks like a fun day. Often you will see collapsed/stopped/fussy tourists who clearly have had enough DC. It can be a bit overwhelming. -S

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