Discovery while errand running

Today I went to the Whole 9 Yards to pick up the material for the curtains in the bedroom.

The bus route is not it’s normal route and so I ended up taking a short detour. This was a great detour because I tripped across this space:

Some depaving becomes stairs.

A sign asking for appropriate behavior.

A shady place to rest.

A not-good picture of a tire swing.

A lovely garden.
This little paradise was carved out of a boring empty lot. Thanks unknown person who did that.

2 thoughts on “Discovery while errand running”

  1. It makes me happy when people colonize otherwise unloved spaces.

    I read this great book when I was a kid about Hans and his friend Pietr (?) who created a fort out of trash in a vacant lot and invited their families to tea. I rather aspire to the same.

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