Enterprise Cemetery

For the Sunday early morning walk, I visited the cemetery. You knew I couldn’t resist. This was a great cemetery, with tremendous views.

One thing I didn’t like was this columbarium’s practice of putting the wives’ maiden names in quotes, as if they were Mafia nicknames. Here we have Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi, and over here we have Myrna “StubblefieldWitherrite. To me, the quotes around the maiden name imply fakery, as if they women weren’t really people until they took their husband’s last name.
This cemetery provides picnic tables.

What a view!

I liked the fact that this gravestone mentioned that they were the parents of JD, Debbie, Tammy & Eddie.

It’s not often that I see statuary plopped down on a gravestone. Also, the husband’s name is Lenthal, which is an awesome name. I figured it was unique enough that I might get a hit when I Googled it and I did:

Bollman Funeral Home”

The Bollman Funeral Home is located in the beautiful Wallowa Valley of NE Oregon with roots going back 80 years. As in the past Lee A. Bollman and Lenthal A. Bollman III strive to offer personalized service as did their parents

I was interested in the Latin phrase “Dum Tacet Clamat” on this gravestone. It turns out to be the motto of the Woodman of the World which was a fraternal insurance-benefit society which still exists today.

An excerpt from a Tennyson poem adorns this grave.

His wife has a quote that is reminiscent of Herman Melville’s “Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound.”

There were some very old graves (for a western state) in the cemetery including this one from 1917.

This is an even older grave, from 1904. Mr. Zurcher was also a veteran of the Civil War.

1891 was the oldest grave I found.

Next to the Reverend William Owneby lies the wife of Rev. William Owneby. This is totally reflective of the times, but still makes me cringe. To be fair, her first name is carved on the top, it just is hard to read. No birth date though. Just when she died.
I enjoy coming across these survey markers.

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  1. This is a good post! Very interesting headstones and discoveries. New organizations I never heard of and "maiden names" that might not be! 🙂 -S

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