Three sentence movie reviews–Julie & Julia

My guess is that the critics who gave mediocre reviews to this movie are either 1) people who have never had any doubt about what they would “do” with their lives or 2) people who hate food or 3)men. As a person who has read not only both books the movie was based on, but also–while working a dreary secretary job–the entire Julie/Julia Project blog, I thought this movie was a spot on depiction of not only the casting about for some sort of meaning in daily life and also the transformative power of coulpledom. That this movie also had great sets, clothing and a host of actresses who were normal looking was an even bigger bonus–Enjoy!

Bechdel score. Two women: yes! Who talk to each other: yes! About something besides a man: Yes! Amazing!

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  1. I saw this movie with my sister before she left; which was perfect! I was also confused as to why the Julie character got so much flack. Meryl was to die for!

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