Black pants.

Due to secret project that is upcoming, I’ve been videotaping and seeing myself live and on screen. What I’ve discovered? I really need new uniform pants. Like a lot. And quickly.

And here we go on the hunt for black pants that fit. I hate everything about this enterprise–the going to the store, the finding the black pants, which are always in six or seven different locations at the store, the dressing room mirrors which are always much too close to me, the having to bring two sizes of every brand because there is not standard sizing, the feelings of dissatisfaction with my body. Other things I hate about the process? Limits on the number of items you can bring in dressing rooms and store personnel who want to assist me. Thanks, I’d rather experience this disappointment and annoyance on my own. I avoid those last two by hitting Macy’s first. They leave me alone and don’t guard their dressing rooms.

At any rate, I managed to get myself to the store and through all those obstacles. I narrowed it down to two contenders. The Macy’s brand which was okay and a pair of Calvin Klein pants that I loved how they felt but the larger size was just a bit too big and the smaller size was just a bit too small. Due to the not-quite right fit and the fact the Calvin Klein’s were twice the price of the Macy’s brand, I went with the cheaper option. The pants look great, but they are lacking in any pockets which would be a big problem at work if I didn’t wear an apron to contain all the items needed for important Administrative Coordinator work.

One big check off for me today!

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