Top 49 movies of the last five years, part 4

Onward through the best movies I watched in five years of time. Read the other parts, if you haven’t already, by clicking top 49.

The Band’s Visit. What people talk about when they talk about good foreign films. Worth seeking out.

Tell No One. There’s a reason why it was on Levy’s High Five for months on end. French people like U2 too!

Rachael Getting Married. A meander of a movie–long, and kind of like being invited to a wedding weekend, but in a good way. Back in the days of the Princess Diaries, who knew Anne Hathaway would have such staying power?

Mala Noche. I heard about this Gus Van Sant debut feature for years before Criterion re-released it as part of the Criterion Collection. Seeing it, I finally finished my “watch every Gus Van Sant project” and also was amazed at how good it was.

Tully. I watched a lot of excellent films over the 2008 Winter Break and this was the best one. I’m guessing you haven’t seen it, but you should remedy that very soon.

City of Ember. A rollicking tale of adventure for the whole family. Then your family can read the whole series together, skipping the weird present day book that is horribly written.

Akeelah and the Bee. Yep, there was a lot of talk about how excellent this movie was, and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. But then I did watch it and the talk was right and I was silly for putting off the watching for so long.

Sunset Boulevard. A classic. And not one of those you-should-see-it-because-every-else-has-and-it-is-referred-to-often-though-ultimately-it-is-boring-to-watch classic. It’s actually a very exiting movie.

Adventureland. I was surprised at how good this coming-of-age film was. It captured a lot of things that were true for me of my early post-college years.

Star Trek. So. Much. Fun. Before it ended, I was plotting when I would see it again. That’s a very good sign.

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  1. Oh dear – I only have seen 2 – Star trek – which I loved and Akeelah and the Bee- which I also loved. I like those selections.

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