Bus Tips: Vomit Wisely

I’m willing to bet that 87% of the vomit in public is the result of over consumption of alcohol. So most of you may be too drunk to make a better choice, but could you please pick a better place to throw up than exactly where I stand every morning to wait for the train? Two steps to your right or left would have had you puking either on the tracks, or over the railing.
The problem isn’t just that you have made the area where I stand a disgusting biohazard, it’s also that Trimet doesn’t come around to clean very often. I’m sure they do the best they can, but your stomach acids and bits of food sat there for several days soaking into the concrete and they have created a stain. I’ll be looking at that stain for a long time, thanks to your choice.

So next time please aim for the tracks or the street. Thanks.

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