I-5 Bridge North at Rush Hour.

I had a class to get to in Vancouver, so off I rode on my bike. There is a section of the bike path to the I-5 bridge where the path is surrounded by freeway and freeway on ramps.
On this Thursday night traffic was not moving.

Not on the freeway, not on the on ramps, no where.

I beat a lot of these cars over the bridge.

Though then I had a long ride up a gradual hill before I got to my class.
I don’t want a huge bridge to replace the current bridge, I think the people who choose to live in Vancouver and work in Portland have made their beds and need to lie in them. I would, however, be in favor of a bridge the same size with a rush hour tolling structure, and the extension of light rail across the Columbia into Vancouver. In the meantime, I’m glad I have no reason (nor car) to drive across the bridge during rush hour.

One thought on “I-5 Bridge North at Rush Hour.”

  1. Looks like our commute. Shawn gets to "enjoy" that pain quite often. That is why he is loving having an automatic these days.

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