Full court press

Do I know what a full court press is? Something to do with Basketball? Perhaps offensive? What does the dictionary say? Hmmmm.

Full-court press

1. Basketball. a tactic of harassing, close-guarding defense in which the team without the ball pressures the opponent man-to-man the entire length of the court in order to disrupt dribbling or passing and force a turnover: Suddenly behind by eighteen points, they went to a full-court press.

2. a vigorous attack or offensive.

Okay, that’s interesting. Definition one says it’s a defensive tactic, while definition two says it’s offensive. That makes no sense to non-spectator-sport me.

At any rate! I’m here to tell you that I’m going to vigorously attack my horribly behind blogs between now and the start of PSU school. My class this fall, I’m excited about, but it is taught by a professor I’ve had before and she requires massive amounts of work. So, even more important that I catch up before that begins, as once I catch up there will be FIRM RULES about posting so this never happens again.


From yesterday until September 29, I will post–actually physically post, not just write–TWO POSTS PER DAY! That will be 82 post posted between yesterday and then. I have no idea if that will catch me up, but it should make a very good dent. I have printed a check off sheet with two check offs already made and here I go. Of course, you won’t read this for awhile as I need to make my way to late August from mid-April, but just know that I’m on my way.

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  1. You rock! I am in school hell right now and cannot leave 48 comments on the 48 blog posts still in the waiting. IN fact, right now I should be preparing for my collage class or sleeping. SHEESH!!! Must get to it…

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