The drawback of not cooking enough vegetables.

My goal is to cook vegetables five times per week. This week I have not even come close to meeting that goal. The drawback is that when I don’t have a bank of veggies to draw upon, it is difficult to feel full. Today I had red beans and potatoes for lunch with some leftover squash. By 4:00, I was very hungry, a state in which I don’t really like to spend much time. I ended up standing at the PSU Bookstore before my class started debating between the overly large package of saltines, the overly large package of potato chips, the even bigger bag of Cheetos. I rejected the various nuts because they were either hideously flavored, or had shells. I ended up with a package of frosted animal crackers to go with my apple.

Not surprisingly, I was ravenous by the time my class ended. I stopped by Cafe Yumm! before getting on the train and had a Yumm Bowl with Greens. It set me back $6.95 which leaves me with $30.80 for the month. I’m about to go out in the dark and find some diakon radish greens to steam. I’ve got to have more food for tomorrow.

Sometimes this being an adult is no fun.

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