White beans

The white beans in the container on the right are the ones I soaked and cooked to make white bean, sausage and cabbage soup. After I cooked them, I put them in the refrigerator until I had time to make the soup. Time passed, and they went bad.

Not to worry. I unearthed the white beans in the center from the freezer. I had soaked and cooked a batch some time ago and put extra in the freezer for quick use in the future. I put them in the refrigerator to defrost and once again time passed and they went bad.

The white beans on the left I happily discovered on the pantry shelf. They made it into the soup, which was delicious.

I’m contemplating a resolution for next year to use all my food up and not let any go bad. There are some staggering statistics about how much food people in the United States throw out. I, unfortunately am part of that statistic. It’s such a waste. The food had been created and transported, I pay money to buy it, in some cases I invest time to cook it and then, into the compost or trash it goes.

You might hear more on this topic later.

2 thoughts on “White beans”

  1. We have this issue way too often. Especially with the CSA food. It is the worst when I am teaching. We agree that it is horrible and try to avoid it…but are still culpable. Can't wait for more conversation about it.

  2. We do pretty well not to waste too much. but we have more mouths in the house helping out as well. I will say my dad was a stickler on this issue growing up so I kind of had it burnt in my brain at an early age not to waste food. sometimes, I think I make Tim crazy on the little bit of scrap I will save to eat at a later date.

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