A case for not having too many clothes

It was a very social weekend and unfortunately, I stayed home from work today to finish my homework. The boyfriend was also social and didn’t do his laundry, which is usually a weekend task for him. Instead, because I was home, I did it. I got points. I sorted the piles (there were many) and eventually washed ten loads of laundry. Our washer is small, but ten loads is a lot of laundry and that is one week of clothing.
Here we witness the tyranny of labor saving devices. Back when everything had to be hand cranked–or, god forbid, boiled–no one would have this much clothing. But now that washing is so “simple” we just buy more clothing. We then need more time to do our “simple” task and, whoosh, the purported free time is gone.

What’s the minimum amount of clothing you could get away with?

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