Walk to the Alberta Rose Theater

The plan was for me to meet Matt at the Alberta Rose Theater at 6:45 so we could see Live Wire. It was a warm day, still light outside and not raining. When will I have that combination again? I decided to walk the 4-ish miles to the theater. Here is what I saw along the way.

I’ve always loved that the homeowners left this tidy snag standing in their yard. Snags are an important part of the ecosystem that do not often appear in cities. Their yard is also filled with interesting yard art, of the “real art” kind, as opposed to the “old lady bending over showing her bloomers” kind.

I liked how this simple porch and house numbers in a nice font dress up this house.

Shhh. Stay quiet and no one will have any idea there’s a house back here.” I can’t imagine how dark this house must be. There are no windows in the front, and both sides of the house are in shadow from trees and bushes.

This cute house seems to have a cute garage to go with it.

Until you look closer and see that it is a separate residence, complete with house number.

This was a bummer find. I’ve been keeping my eye on this empty lot for years, but now it seems it will be turned into surface parking for a nearby church. Permeable surface parking, but still kind of a bummer.

I like how this church sort of looms over the freeway. The cross is illuminated and makes a nice contrast to the “going home” traffic headlights.

A very fun art car.

With great fish actually leaping out of its sides.

At that point it really did get dark. I enjoyed the rest of the walk. Alberta has a lot of fun shops that look very warm and inviting.

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  1. What a great walk! And, no rain to boot, very nice! I like the blue house's look as well. The car art is very sweet!!! 🙂

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