Best movies watched in 2010

While the book committee was meeting and deciding about all the best books of 2010, the movie committee spent time agreeing on the Best (and worst) movies seen by Patricia in 2010. Here are their results:

Movie that I totally got more out of as an adult than I did as a teenager:
Some Kind of Wonderful

Movie with great performances by the actors, but overall left me feeling empty:
Up in the Air

Movie that I just loved because everything about it was well done:
An Education

Slow moving, but incredibly enjoyable love story that happens to involve a monarch:
Queen Victoria

Movie that I avoided because the premise annoyed me but which won me over anyway:
The Blind Side

Incredibly funny stop motion animated movie that you must find and see, but not watch after you’ve had surgery because you will laugh so hard your stitches will fall out:
A Town Called Panic

Movie I didn’t get around to seeing for a long time, but enjoyed so much I didn’t want it to end:

Movie that never really explained how the main characters were so fabulously wealthy and so I was distracted the entire time:
Movie where John Krasinski perks up every scene he is in:

It’s Complicated

Movie that should be boring but, instead was so incredibly funny and gripping that you should see it.
The Informant!

Best movie that I appeared in:
Raw Faith

Movie that reminded me once again how incredibly dumb it was to cancel Firefly:

Movie where Matt leaned over four separate times and reminded me that it was my pick:
Hot Tub Time Machine

Best movie that passes the Bechdel Test:
I’ve Loved You So Long

Best movie I had low expectations for and really enjoyed much more than I though possible:
Date Night

Movie where the DVD extras are almost funnier than the film:
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Best movie about family life that you can watch with your church-going grandmother:
Dan in Real Life

Best use of visual effects I’ve ever seen:

Best movie about Desert Storm without very much war:
Another good movie where John Krasinski perks up his scene:


Movie that was much funnier than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be pretty funny:
Best bit parts ever by Samuel L. Jackson & The Rock:
Best credits that actually try to make an important point to the viewing audience:
The movie with the best new twist on the obligatory drunken celebration scene:

The Other Guys

Clever movie where I learned it is very hard for me to stay awake past 10 pm:
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Best modern teen noir I’ve ever seen:

Oh my god, so incredibly slow it sucks the life out of the story:
The Bridges of Madison County

Best movie to watch with the boyfriend after we’ve attended four weddings (and no funeral):
Four Weddings and a Funeral

Most uncomfortably juxtaposition of characters:

Best movie starring “twins” played by one person, thank goodness. For if there were two men that good looking in the world I don’t know what I would do with myself:
The Social Network

Best funny premise that stays funny pretty much the whole movie:
Best movie where Ricky Gervais‘ sad sack character actually worked for me:

The Invention of Lying

Best mini-series I watched all year and perhaps ever:
Best movie to get me to actually
read and finish the book on which it is based:
Pride and Prejudice (1995)

Movie with the best script whose message left me a bit uncomfortable, but which I ultimately loved:
Easy A

Movie where my expectations were low, but which I really liked:
The Town

Best movie I could hack and you should see it too:
127 Hours

Best funny movie that apparently was in the theaters for a blip, but many people discovered and appreciated on DVD:

Best montage:
The Wedding Crashers

2 thoughts on “Best movies watched in 2010”

  1. Your committee did a good job! I loved Stardust – loved loved loved. I even read the book after seeing it and I'm not so much a graphic novel sort. You had never finished P & P- sacrilege!!! Good thing you got on that! I think I've read that book at least 20 times – maybe more. Thanks for the Best of!

  2. I felt the exact same way about Up in the Air. I kept hearing about how awesome it was, and left thinking: "Thanks, movie, for reaffirming how pointless everything is!"

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