Three sentence movie reviews: True Grit

It seems that if one is going to both read the book and watch this version of the movie,* one should do that in the opposite order than I did, which was book first, then movie. This was a funny, well-acted movie that departed heavily from the book’s plot. This confused me in several places, as I had read that this version followed the book much more closely than the John Wayne original and found myself thinking more than once, “but nothing like this was in the book!”

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*and I do think if you like the movie, you should read the book because the dialogue, which seems to be everyone’s favorite part, is even better in the book.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: True Grit”

  1. Very interesting. I can't decide if I want to see it. I did see the original many times as a kid (my grandpa loved it).

  2. Hey – we finally went to this movie (at the Drafthouse I mentioned in the comment above). It was so stoically western that I was longing for home and the same time needing to close my eyes. It was just so stark.

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