Winter Rain

For all those people who live far away from Portland and visit only in the magical months of July, August and September, I bring you a visual of the flip side of Portland life: October-June. This nine month period consists of the dreaded “winter” which, while it doesn’t bring much snow, does bring unrelenting rain and cold. Sometimes, we get periods of rain so lengthy and intense that the grass ceases to grow and instead becomes large mud puddles, as seen in the above picture. If you decide to move here, be ready to enjoy this weather, too.

One thought on “Winter Rain”

  1. Hmmm…you are not selling me…

    With our true 4 seasons around these parts – maybe you need to move to me! 🙂

    It does seem rather dreary!

    Did you ever see the WonderWorks with the planet that was all rain AND THE GIRL DREW A PICTURE OF SUN, BUT ALL THE KIDS MADE FUN OF HER AND LOCKED HER IN A ROOM. (sTINKING CAPS LOCK – where did you come from? No time to fix.) And then the sun finally came and they all forgot about her being locked up in the room and she only had the cracks of sun coming in? I remember that one vividly…

    Reminds me of that!

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