Dogs on the beach

Four dogs came to visit Spindrift: Deborah & Val’s Tuly, Amy’s Gunnis and Mac, and Stephen and Jim were dog sitting Clementine. As you can imagine, all dogs had a good time, what with all the smells and the sand and the running and the other dogs. Here Guiness (dark fur, blue coat) Tuly (blond fur, blue coat) and Mac (white fur, red and grey coat) check out another dog who is also happy to be on the beach.

Tuly has just finished sniffing the beer bottle. This bottle was referred to in conversation the night before as in “we walked all the way to the beer bottle leaning against a log.” When I noticed it, I confirmed that it was the very same bottle mentioned before and it was. In the background: an ostentatious house which will most likely be swept away someday.

2 thoughts on “Dogs on the beach”

  1. Oh all of the delightful smells. What lucky dogs.

    Oh hee hee, that just made me think of the Lucky Dog assembly at BHS! What about? What about? What about our color shout? Green, gold, green gold, white, white, white, white, white, white, white! Lions are king, uh-huh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Is everybody happy? Yeah, yeah. If everybody's happy and nobody's sad, let's get together and laugh like mad! Ah! Ha! Ha! Ah! Ha! Ha!

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