20MPDC 4/26/11

Thursday 4/21
There has not been a lot of 20MPD motivation this week and I am starting to get the “this is dumb, I’m going to drop it” feeling. But I manged to rally today. I posted a new item on Craigslist and re-posted three other items that had expired without selling. If you are interested in 3/4 of a box of slug and snail repellant for $1.00, I’m your lady right now. I need to decide how many times to re-post something before moving it over to the free section. Right now one re-post feels okay, I’ll check in again if the items don’t sell this time around.

I went back to my Harvest Helper wordpress site and mucked around with my remaining time. It feels really different than blogger and is very confusing now, but I will keep exploring.

Monday 4/25.
The weekend did not bring a lot of 20MPDC motivation, either. So here I am on Monday. Today I posted another item on Craigslist. All my re-posts and Thursday’s new post haven’t had any bites. I spent the rest of the time reading about WordPress blogs for the Harvest Helper site. It’s becoming a bit more comfortable.

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