20MPDC 5/31/11

Wednesday 5/25
Pricing happened. In the meantime I contemplated various garage sale logistics. Tables? Where will I get them? Also, there will be a lot of clothing and I need to display it in a way that people actually look through the clothing. I want it all hanging. How will I accomplish that? These are things for the brain to work on between now and the sale.

Thursday 5/26
More pricing. I’ve got the shelf cleared off, except for the e-waste which I will take to the recycler this weekend, no foolin’. I haven’t yet passed out any of my harvest helper flyers, because I’m busy debating two things: is it too early? and, should I pass them out to everyone, or just people I can see have gardens?

Friday 5/27
Made it through the drawer in the dresser in the front room. Tomorrow I tackle the bookshelves.

Saturday 5/28
Bike ride sapped all energy.

Sunday 5/29
Overscheduled this day.

Monday 5/31
Overscheduled this day also

Tuesday 6/1
Work then volunteering then work again sunk this day. Better luck next week.

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