Three sentence movie reviews: Where History Lives: A Tour of the White House

I’ve been a fan of Aaron Sorkin’s TV series the West Wing for some time and I must confess that until I watched this DVD I didn’t really understand what the actual West Wing was.* Luckily, I was hard up for movies and brought home this 30 minute DVD, hosted by Laura Bush, and it explained it to me. Thank goodness the library stocks such informative information.

No picture. Apparently informative DVDs don’t have posters.
*This is much like me not really understanding that the US Capitol Building and the White House were not the same building. It was only when I visited Washington DC with my family as a 13 year old and saw they were two separate buildings that I realized that the White House was where the US President lived and the Capitol Building was where Congress did there work. Before the visit I could have drawn you pictures of both buildings, but they had joined in my mind as some hybrid where the president lived and the congress worked.

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  1. How nice for you to get a tour in my near-town and not even be here. Though I could wish that you were here for it. It was fun to find the Oval Office from the outside when we went to the garden tour.

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