Just one thing: Curtains Up!

As you will no doubtably have read over in this post, I have completed my mission of getting the curtains up. Yay me! I was (again) a day over as I apparently needed the entire week off of work before I could bother to sit down and actually get the curtains prettied up and put on the wall. Yep, I did an hour’s worth of work on Tuesday, then nothing until a few hours on Saturday and more hours on Sunday.

Mission for the week of 11/27 to 12/3: get the bathroom shelves in order. What’s up with them, anyway? On the plus side, last week I cleaned out under the bathroom sink without it even being a “just one thing.” Well done!

2 thoughts on “Just one thing: Curtains Up!”

  1. BTW – I have my reader put your posts from oldest to newest – so I have yet to see the other 15 posts. Tricky, huh?

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