Just one thing: Supply Shop done

Now that we are not a car-free household, the supply shop is much easier to carry off. Back in the day it would take two or three trips because while saran wrap isn’t particularly heavy and kitchen sponges are not awkward to carry, laundry detergent IS quite heavy and toilet paper is quite awkward.
Now I just fill out my pre-printed list and let the car do the heavy lifting.
Mission for the week of 11/20 to 11/26: Curtains finished.
I finished the Roman Shades in September and bought curtains for the remaining two windows. I could just hang the curtains, but that would be too easy. I want to sew a border onto the curtains with the material for the shades. That will tie everything together, nicely. I don’t have school all this week and so this project is perfect.

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