Pub Quiz Questions 6-10

Questions 6-10 for the 10 Years in Portland Pub Quiz. Play along at home.

6. Oregon celebrated its centennial beginning February 14, 1959. Who was governor of the state at that time?

7. Cameron Crowe’s 1992 movie Singles captures the early 90s zeitgeist of a certain US city. Name the city.
Bonus: Which of the following people did NOT appear in the movie: Kyra Sedgewick, Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Eddie Vedder.
8. The alphabet district is named after prominent (male) Portlanders of the 19th century. Name five streets in the alphabet district. (Note that in the early 2000s it was officially decided that one of the alphabet streets would be named after the slave in the Lewis & Clark Expedition, although that was already the name of the street)
9. Abigail Scott Duniway came to Oregon in 1852 and spent the majority of her life working for women’s suffrage. In what year did she finally get to vote in an Oregon election? 1892, 1901, 1912, 1922
Bonus: Which prominent (male) Oregonian is she related to?
10. Patricia has lived in four states: Idaho, Missouri, Massachusetts & Oregon. Oregon is known as the Beaver State. What are the other states known as? Name two.
Bonus: Name all three
Answers be below!
6. Mark O. Hatfield
I thought that a number of people would get this because Hatfield died recently and there was a lot of coverage of his legacy. But only one group did.

7. Seattle
7 Bonus: Kate Hudson
This may have been the only question that every team got both the main question and the bonus question correct.
8. Ankeny, Burnside, Couch, Davis, Everett, Flanders, Glisan, Hoyt, Irving, Johnson, Kearney, Lovejoy, Marshall, Northrup, Overton, Pettygrove, Quimby, Raleigh, Savier, Thurman, Upshur, Vaugh, Wilson, York.
Every team could come up with at least five.
9. 1912 (Oregon became the seventh state to pass a women’s suffrage amendment.)
9 Bonus: Harvey Scott, editor of the Oregonian.
There were a lot of 1922 guesses. Since national women’s suffrage passed in 1920 with the 19th amendment, that would be be a bad guess. But that implies you know when the 19th Amendment passed. Which would probably mean that you were a history major.

Also, two teams wrote the answer to the bonus as “Scott” which was very clever on their part. I gave both of them the opportunity to tell me the rest of the Scott name and they could have the point. They both were abel to.
10. The Gem State, The Show Me State, The Bay State.
The genesis of this question? Here was my though process. “Oh! State names. Excellent. I can build it off of states I have lived in. Oregon, that one we will just tell people as they probably already know. Idaho. Tricky for people who haven’t lived in Idaho. Missouri, easy as it’s fairly unique. Then Massachusetts. The–. Huh. What the heck is Massachusetts?”

So not even the quiz master knew all the answers right off. After I looked it up, it was a duh moment. “Bay Staters” is a term used in Massachusetts like “Oregonian” is used in Oregon.

Score: Two points for each question answered correctly, one point for each bonus question answered correctly. Total points possible: 12. Post your scores below.

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  1. Q7 Check w/ bonus and Q10 Check – though couldn't remember Missouri, which is the second easiest, I suppose. Now that is 5. I'm up to 10.

    Ooh just noticed a scoring error I made, but go back and check my standing…

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