Requiem: Workout Pants

The black blob to the left of the pants is Antares, who did not wish to be photographed for this picture, but also did not wish to move.

I can recall a time in early college, when I realized I had owned a skirt for five whole years! That was the beginning of the realization that clothing could last a very long time and these pants here are an example. I’ve had them for nearly ten. I can remember when I bought them, as they were on sale at Meier and Frank (now officially Macy’s) and were such a good deal I bought two pair. I was very excited and they went with me on many walks, jogs, bike rides and through a lot of work around the house. They were made from some sort of “wears like iron” polyester blend that just kept going and going. And going. In fact, for the last two years, I’ve hated these workout pants and wished I had others. This hatred was not enough for me to find new workout pants as the intersection of “in the mood to shop” “pants that fit” and price I feel is appropriate” (sixty dollars? For workout pants? You have to be kidding!) is an intersection I don’t happen across overly often.

However, a Goodwill trip recently was fruitful and I am now the owner of two new pairs of workout pants (that cost $12.00 combined) and so I bid these pants a farewell (not, alas, fond as I let them overstay their welcome) thank them, and wish them a good journey.

One thought on “Requiem: Workout Pants”

  1. Good-bye good pants. We are feeling the loss of some of our favorites that are never to be seen again (darned Ft. Lauderdale theif – see facebook) and have considered a requiem post of them…

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