Why I can’t currently live in a tiny house.

The coat closet rod is full of MY coats. Matt’s are on the door.

From left to right:
  • Red rain slicker, for when it’s really pouring.
  • Bright yellow flagger coat I wear when bicycling
  • Tan mid-weight jacket and matching fetching cap
  • Cute jean jacket
  • Tan vintage car coat whose button fell off and I need to replace
  • Red vintage dressy coat with fabulous button
  • Vintage red wool coat for when the temperature is below 40 degrees (also includes fabulous black hat with built in scarf and matching thick suede gloves)
  • Cream cashmere blend winter coat for when the temperature is above 40 degrees (also includes cute checked cloth cap and leather gloves)

Ideally, I would have one coat that could go on the bike, dress up, dress down and become warmer and cooler as the temperature allowed. I’m sure such a coat exists, but I have yet to come across it, especially at my store of choice, Goodwill. But if I found such a coat, I would have to give up all the other ones, most of which I like a lot, for one reason or another.

3 thoughts on “Why I can’t currently live in a tiny house.”

  1. I could maybe live in a tiny house if I were allowed external storage for my Goodwill clothes and my extensive collection of functional-and-beautiful pottery.

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