Three sentence movie reviews: Comedian

If not for the inclusion of Orny Adams–a steaming bundle of neurosis and uncertainty who was painful to watch–this would have been a much better movie. I understand the dramatic contrast between the seasoned pro and the up-and-coming comic could have been an interesting one, but Adams was so unlikable that I mostly just waited for him to go away. There were some interesting and also delightful moments, like Jerry Seinfeld telling the story of the Glen Miller band tromping through a slushy Iowa field, but I’m not sure it’s worth watching the entire movie to experience them.

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Comedian”

  1. Another flick that I had not even hears of. Or at least I can't recall it. Jerry Seinfeld is funny, but I think I will take your advice and not worry about adding it to my queue.

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