Poem for February 2012: In Praise of my Bed.

You can read this month’s poem here.

I love this poem. Of late, I’ve not been working very hard at anything, but I can recall times in my life when nothing was better than climbing into bed at the end of a long day. “The labor of being fully human” indeed.
And with that, so my poetry project goes on hiatus. I’ve enjoyed memorizing poems over the past few years. However, I’m not reading a lot of poetry right now and so I don’t come across poems I feel compelled to memorize. Perhaps when I make space in my life for poetry, I can begin this project again.

I hope to soon have a poetry post outside my house so I can display my favorite poems that are not quite right for memorizing. In the meantime, I will revisit my memorized poems now and then to keep them in my brain.

One thought on “Poem for February 2012: In Praise of my Bed.”

  1. I like the line: working my opposable thumb. I have enjoyed your poetry adventures. Thanks for sharing them!

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