Thanks Learning Center

As the office manager of a school, I spend a lot of time throwing unwanted catalogs into the recycling bin. I also receive all manner of boxes and large envelopes filled with catalogs and a message for me to distribute them to all the teachers, etc. These also go into the recycling bin. So today, when I opened the box from the Learning Center I groaned because not only was a it a fairly large box of catalogs, it also included a plastic door hanger advertisement for the Learning Center. None of which we had requested.

After grumbling about this, and taking pictures so I could write a grumpy blog post, I noticed there was a piece of paper that instructed me to send the whole shebang back if we weren’t interested! Postage paid! So I packed it all up, wrote a happy “Thank you” to the Learning Center for giving me the option and back it went.

If only all companies hawking things worked that way.

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