The Arid Garden

For the first few days of spring break I took a quick trip to visit my dad and his wife Barb in Green Valley, Arizona.  We began my visit with breakfast at the Arizona Family Restaurant.  After that, it was off to see the Green Valley Arid Garden.  

The Arid Garden is on one acre in one of the many housing developments in Green Valley.

I enjoyed the selection of plants and the very clear tags for each plant.
Some desert color.
A very apt name.
Good texture.
I loved these.  They looked like they had leaves,
and gave the overall appearance of feathery flight,
But they actually were quite spiky.
It was spring, so we saw some color.  I was told that once the rains come, there is more.
These dry beds are all over, ready to channel the water where it should go.
Old, dead, saguaro cactus.
From the back, you can see that it is quite rickety.
On closer inspection, wires are holding the entire structure together.
This big cactus doesn’t look spiky, but I managed to prick my finger on it and it was a bloody experience.
Easter was upon us.
Watch out for Javelinas.

One thought on “The Arid Garden”

  1. That looks like a fun outing. I feel like people who do not know desert beauty, would never think of the variety of plants that an arid region could have. Sometimes I miss desert beauty of the Idaho surrounds (not that it is as deserty as this.

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