Mini Time Machine Museum

This museum in Tuscon was a great find. It’s chock full of doll houses, shadow boxes and other miniatures that transport you to different times. (Hence the “time-machine” in the title)  I was delighted to wander through.

This man who built this house was killed in a carriage accident.  Supposedly, the devil riding the bicycle (you can see the enlargement of the figurine in the information to the left of the house) was placed there to commemorate the craftsman’s untimely death.  The horseless carriage (lower right corner) was also put there for the same reasons.

An example of the “time machine” quality:
An 18th century German Kitchen
And a late 19th century German Kitchen.
The details on the houses were amazing.

I bought a calendar in the gift shop and it came with a tiny mini-calendar which causes most who see it to break out into various versions of “oh my goodness it’s so cute!!!” Myself included.

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  1. How interesting! I love how adorable and tiny everything is! Wish I could have been there with you!!!

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