Requiem: Curtis Swimming & “wedding” dress

At Cottey College we lived in suites, a group of dorm rooms joined together by a living room, kitchen and bathroom.  At the end of the year, most suites would have Free boxes, which we wandered about taking advantage of, kind of like an early form of naked lady parties.  It was from a free box I got this sweatshirt.  I can still picture the woman who owned it previously, she was tall and blond in that reassuring Nordic way.  I wore the bajeesus out of this sweatshirt and then tried to make it last a bit longer by practicing some needlepoint on the frayed edges.  This was a great companion.

Interesting coincidence.  Cottey College is located in Missouri and when I was living in Somerville, Massachusetts, my downstairs neighbor saw me with this shirt and excitedly queried me as to where I got it. It turns out that he went to the very same Curtis High School as the original owner of this sweatshirt, though he didn’t know her.

I call this my wedding dress as it has made appearances at many weddings.  I bought it for Teresa’s wedding   in the late 90s, but that was just the first of many.  I love that it’s red, form-fitting and has an interesting pattern.
But what I really love is the back detail with the fabulous crisscross straps.  Many other people love this detail too and have told me so.  Goodbye beautiful wedding dress.

3 thoughts on “Requiem: Curtis Swimming & “wedding” dress”

  1. The red dress still looks usable. Even the sweatshirt may have some hope. Are you sure you want to part with them? MOM

  2. Are you actually encouraging the pack rat in me? Really? I haven't worn the sweatshirt in years and the red dress doesn't currently fit, so I'm letting someone else fall in love with it.

  3. I feel like the red dress should go to New Dress a Day – she takes previously loved clothing and transforms it into new outfits. Its pretty sweet. Well done letting go of former loves. I have a "to go" shirt that Shawn saved because he "loves it so much on me." We'll see if it actually gets worn again.

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