Watching a block returns.

When we last left our block, the liquor store was still standing.  That was in September of 2009. After they took down the liquor store, nothing happened.  Weeds grew, it was very unsightly, there was a newspaper article published about how the people who now own the block lost their financing, but were going to turn the block into a park while they waited for things to improve.  This was a nice story, but the park did not come to pass as we spent two years looking at the weeds grow behind a flimsy fence.  
But it’s a new day.  Things are happening.  There is a construction trailer on the block and heavy machinery is beginning to move in. We will keep a watch on what develops.


One thought on “Watching a block returns.”

  1. Hmmm…as much as razing buildings for new construction is rather annoying to me. I do enjoy monitoring the progress of the new builds as they come in.

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