Sam Adams Political Cartoon

Just as the election of Bill Clinton my Senior year of high school (he was the first president I voted for!) and the eight years of politics that followed shaped me, so did the election of Sam Adams.  Before Sam Adams was elected I described him as “a politician for the right reasons.”  Not long after he was sworn in I, along with the rest of Portland, found out that I was wrong and that Sam Adams was a politician to feed his ego more than anything else.  Four years of a mayor with no political clout followed, which was a great disappointment, not to mention a complete waste of time.  This political cartoon by Jack Ohman will probably not be funny to anyone not familiar with Adam’s political career, but it manages to sum up the last four years in a nutshell.  I laughed reading it, but it was a laugh full of dark humor.

2 thoughts on “Sam Adams Political Cartoon”

  1. Yep, a little lost on me. BTW – it took me a minye to realize you weren't talking about political founding father, Samuel Adams. Read the first few sentences with him in mind and be amused at my thinking!

  2. Ah yes! I recall thinking how funny the name "Sam Adams" was in politics when I first moved the Portland. When he ran for mayor, there was even a small kerfuffle with Sam Adams the beer protesting the Sam Adams for Mayor web site, or some such thing. I think they backed off when they found out he was a real person and not just a copyright trademark.

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