Rose Festival Parade 2012

Saving seats for the Rose Festival Parade.  I’m from the blue chair to the end of the blanket.
After much time saving seats, Mom and her friend Tanya arrived.  Then Rick arrived with S & K.  Kids at parades are much fun so there are many pictures of S & K and none of Mom and Tanya.
Trying to get both kids to look at the camera.
There’s a parade going on, but who needs parades when you have rocks behind you?
Because then you can take the rocks…
…and put them in the bike helmet!
Attempt at self-portrait with myself and K.  It captures neither of us, but does get a bit of my mother.
This weird yellow guy hung about, trying to excite the crowds.  He was a bit creepy and eventually moved on.  He seemed to not be actually affiliated with the parade, just a random all yellow guy looking to motivate people to cheer.
K had the eating thing down. 
S took a break from rock-moving to have a snack.
They lasted a long time, but eventually it was time to go.
In case you missed the Rose Festival Parade, here it is, in less than three minutes.

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