Three sentence movie reviews: Dear John.

I dreaded watching this adaptation of a schmaltzy Nicholas Sparks novel, but

Amanda Sayfried


Richard Jenkins

are pros and they can sell their characters like nobody’s business.  Thus, though it could have turned into treacle at any moment, it never did, and it even surprised me a few times.  Overall, much better than I thought and actually quite good.

ps. DVD extras includes a gag real which is unusual for a drama, and so quite fun.  The gag part from the scene on the movie poster cracked me up.

pps.  Stupid tag line for this movie as it doesn’t really relate in any way to the content of the movie.

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  1. I thought this one might be too sad, so i avoided it. i keep not capitalizing that letter (i) today. Oh well. maybe i should go all ee cummings on my next comments


  2. oh yeah. i forgot my e e cummings-style typing for the other comments. does he do end punctuation?
    i think he just hits return at a new sentence

    i am now caught up on the posts that fell off of my reader

    thankfully my computer is smart and changes the color of the posts i have seen/ or out clicked on on the side bar of your blog

    which meant i could go back and see the ones i had missed

    now i can go to the 21 in september/october

    not using punctuation is hard

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