Three sentence movie reviews: The Eagle

Yet another incredibly good movie I would have never heard of if not on a Channing Tatum quest.  This is a great action/adventure story set in a time period not currently in vogue (pre-Christian Roman times) with a lot of interesting period details and good acting.  Unlike most conquest movies, it also comes free of “white guilt” as the conquering and the conquered both fall into today’s “Caucasian” category.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Eagle”

  1. I love Jamie Bell. Ever since Billy Elliot he has been on my radar. He was great in Jumper, too. Can he be your next?

  2. Hmm. I know not this "Jumper" movie, but I've just put it on hold. I think if I was going to do another film fest, (and I still have four movies to go in the Channing Tatum fest) it would be with Michael Shannon or Jeremy Renner. Although I really should to one for a female actress.

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