Three sentence movie reviews: Haywire

Okay, so this movie is incredibly awesome in a sort of throwback spy action flick where you don’t really get what’s going on at first, but if you pay attention the whole thing will be revealed.  It is gripping from the very first scene and has a lot of really amazing fight scenes that had me gasping and saying “Oh my!” to an empty house because I watched it by myself.  Also, the main character is a gorgeous woman who is very fun to watch.

Cost:  2.00 from Videorama.

Location:  at home.

ps. DVD extras are quite interesting.  Also, I like both of these posters.

poster from:

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Haywire”

  1. Videorama. Is that a rental shop? Still in existence? Redbox is about the only non-library rental location we have around here…

  2. Videorama is the DVD rental place that I can walk to in 15 minutes. I'm trying to rent from them while I still can, because they can't last forever. They have already reduced their size to a third of their normal self.

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