Art Building

It was Powell’s Technical Books, but soon that will be whisked away and replaced by the Art Building.  I’ll be checking in regularly with picture updates.

It’s supposed to be tall, so I’m setting up my establishing shot so it will accommodate tall.

4 thoughts on “Art Building”

  1. So has Powell's Technical moved somewhere else or did they shut down that branch of the bookstore? I was having serious Portland nostalgia yesterday. Sometimes I really, really miss the city itself. You know how some people say they're in love with New York City? I feel that way about Portland.

  2. Powell's Technical moved into the smaller brick building across from the mothership that used to be the website people, or admin or something. It happened about two years ago. It's called Powell's 2 (or something like that) and is much more compact than this store was. I miss Powell's Technical. Sometimes, if it was really crazy at school, I would find a reason to run over there and just stand in the nerdy silence for a bit, reading how to convert my non-existent car into a biodiesel vehicle.

    We were puzzling why they moved everything, since they own the building. But I think it takes fewer employees to run the new space.

    And I get those great feelings of Portland love nearly weekly. I hope I always love living here.

  3. The question is how much money did they get for the project? I'm guessing someone made them an offer they couldn't refuse.

    I always appreciate your Portland love. You are actually passionate, even!

  4. I think it was a partnership between the school and Powell's. Powell's owns the land and I'm not sure if they will retain ownership of the land AND the new building or not. I should probably read up on that. The school in question is the Pacific Northwest College of Art, so it seems to be for a good cause.

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