Favorite found photos from Scrap

When we bought collage material for the Art Party, Matt grabbed a bunch of photos.  I donated nearly all of them back to Scrap, but I held on to these two.

If you can’t tell what this is from the front, check the back.

I love that someone was so excited (or perhaps angry, though I think not) that they took a picture of something happening on TV.  Matt said they took several pictures, but he just brought home the one.  This was the first election I was able to vote in and the presidential candidate I voted for won!  I don’t think I watched the swearing in, but I remember waiting up on election night for the results.
And I love this photo, not only because it affirms that my awful clothing choices in the late 80s were not really my fault, but fashionable, but also because I love the interaction between the women.  And that woman’s wedding dress is gorgeous (though sadly not in fashion right now)

A jeans skirt at a wedding?  What were we collectively thinking?

3 thoughts on “Favorite found photos from Scrap”

  1. They all look so happy in that wedding photo! I wonder whatever happened to those ladies, if they're all still friends, if she's still married, etc.?

    Clinton was also my first presidential vote, but not until his second term. I was sadly one year too young in 1992. 🙁

  2. When I first looked at the wedding photo I thought it was two brides, with the jean skirt gal slipping a ring on her finger. Then I looked again at the date ( I knew it was 80's, I could see it was 80's, but that didn't make sense to have two bride in 85). Then I realized, oh! They are just looking at her ring. Seriously that makes me laugh. But it is good that the 1985 me would have had a very different perspective than the now me.

  3. Sorry there were minor errors in that one. I'm using Barbie's iPad and sometimes it will not let me go back and correct. I'm just not used to these modern toys!! Here hee.

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