Three sentence movie reviews: Jumper

It turns out that having Darth Vader  Billy Elliott and Nick Fury in the same movie doesn’t mean that it will be a good movie.  The reason to watch this is because Jamie Bell (the aforementioned Billy Elliott) is quite fun in his slightly unhinged character.  Samuel Jackson is good too, but that Hayden Christensen,  he’s too pretty and he knows it.

Here also is a second three-sentence review from my usually squelched feminist movie critic who just couldn’t lay dormant.  This review contains SPOILERS but the movie isn’t very good and you aren’t going to watch it, so read on.
Can we just say, “Totally lame abusive relationship?”  Guy shows up after seven years, guy whisks girl away to Rome with absolutely no explanation, then guy starts ordering girl to do things without explaining the situation to her AND SHE DOES?  And then at the end, despite the fact that the Paladins are going to go after her family and kill all of them, she stays with him?

Cost:  Free from library
Where watched:  At home.


2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Jumper”

  1. Um, did you watch this at my suggestion? I completely don't remember the bad relationship. I was just so excited to see and recognize Jamie Bell that was all that mattered to me.

  2. It was either you or the other frequent commenter, Jan. I'm not sad I watched it, because Jaime Bell was quite delightful, but it was a bad movie. And why are there two posters on this post? I'm blaming Blogger and not the operator of this site.

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