PTB on the way out.

Geez, I miss work on Friday and Monday due to a teacher planning day and a holiday and I come back to not much building remaining in a form that is not debris.
Here’s the last chunk standing on this side.
I probably need to trick my camera into f-stopping itself for the building at the bottom, not the sky.  This will involve me reading the manual.

4 thoughts on “PTB on the way out.”

  1. P, do you always take your camera with you in case you see something you want to take a picture of? Just curious. 🙂

  2. I pretty much always have my camera on me. It's very small and it gets tucked into whatever bag I am carrying. It started five years ago when I bought my current camera which is my first digital camera. I loved film cameras and was reluctant to leave them, but this was so tiny (it's huge now,they've gotten much smaller)and took such good pictures that I started taking it everywhere. With my film SLR it took great pictures, but it was big and I had to decide if I wanted to be the person with the camera or not. Now I can morph into that person at any time if I want to.

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